I want to start by thanking all the board members for their service this season. There is an incredible amount of behind the scenes work that goes on and without their contributions we would not have Bremen Youth Baseball.

I also need to thank all the coaches. The coaches generously volunteer their time to help the players learn the great game of baseball.

Finally, I want to thank the players. I have truly enjoyed watching the players develop and look forward to another great season next year.


Team Win Loss Tie
Phillies 5 3
White Sox 4 4
Braves 3 5


Team Win Loss Tie
Indians 6 3
Cubs 6 3
A's 4 5
Red Sox 2 7


Team Win Loss Tie
Red Sox 7 1
Cardinals 6 2
Giants 4 4
Astros 2 5 1
D'Backs 0 7 1

Bremen Youth Baseball
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